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About Queensland Water Solutions

Queensland Water Solutions is an Australian owned and operated business. We service the Potable Water Treatment, Industrial Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Sectors Australia wide. Also, we can provide solutions for most water quality management issues. At very low cost, we can give farming communities, cattle stations and remote communities access to clean drinking water.

We supply a range of domestic, commercial and industrial water treatment solutions. These include pump & drink units, water conditioning, micro and ultra filtration units for resorts, hotels, hospitals, airports, apartment buildings, shopping centres and office buildings. Queensland Water Solutions supply commercial transportable sewage treatment systems (WWTP) and chemical free water conditioning systems, both available to purchase outright or under a rental agreement. We also supplies point of use anti legionnella filters for hospitals & health care facilities.

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why choose our water treatment products?

Queensland Water Solutions aims to acquire the latest and most reliable water treatment technologies developed in Australia, Europe or the United States and apply them to local requirements and conditions. To this end, we have acquired the right to distribute the Polymem Range of Filters, the Biobox Waste Water Treatment and the Merus Water Conditioning technologies. These are the latest in world class technologies and are designed to be easy to use. They require minimum maintenance and are contained in the strongest, most robust and reliable packages to give maximum service life. They are ideal and specifically selected for Australian remote site conditions.


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When purchasing a water treatment system for your house, farm or business, the most important factors to consider are the reliability of the unit, its ability to soften the water without chemicals and to remove all suspended solids (turbidity, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, algae, coliforms, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses), hence the quality and safety of the treated water, the cost of installation and running costs!

The European-made Merus water conditioner and the Polymem range of hollow fibre membranes are the only systems on the market today that overcome all of these problems. The Polymem low pressure membranes are an unsurpassable means of water purification for domestic and commercial applications, making it the most reliable and trouble-free process available. The design and size of, both the Merus Water Conditioner and the Polymem Filter together, with the absence of any chemical, all those electrical and annoying gadgets used on other systems, makes it cheaper, easier and quicker to install.

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