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services we offer

Water purification system

At Qld Water Solutions we work with aid agencies, developing countries, mining operations, farms and cattle stations and remote communities without access to a potable water supply, to deliver clean and purified water.

Sewage Treatment System

Qld Water Solutions offers wastewater and sewage treatment options depending on the environmental constraints, the project scale and the number of people the commercial or household sewage treatment solution needs to service. Our sewage systems treat wastewater for local and remote communities.

Ultra filtration system

Queensland Water Solutions offers a whole range of compact and modular Ultra Filtration Treatment Systems, suitable to produce Drinking Water, to Filter Pool Water, to Recycle Process Water and to treat Waste Water to Class A+ standard.

we don't just sell water treatment systems

We provide solutions. Whether you’re considering installing a potable water, a water recycling or a  wastewater treatment system because you are operating in an area not connected to a sewage or to a mains water facility or need advice to upgrade your existing facility Qld Water solutions can help. Whether you’re a builder, renovator, developer or urban planner, farmer or engineer we have a team of experts ready to tailor the water treatment solution you need.

Qld Water Solutions is your one stop shop for domestic and commercial wastewater treatment systems & solutions; design; maintenance and repairs; advice and trouble-shooting. The right system starts with the right design…our team know how to ask the right questions. We work with you to ensure your wastewater needs will be catered for today and into the future. From site inspections, to council planning requirements and local environment regulations we work hard to ensure your Qld Water Solution system is practical, cost-efficient and sustainable.

industries we serve

Our expert team of trouble-shooters specialise in solving water treatment problems.
City area: Homes, Farms, Remote Communities, Mining, Construction, Commercial Business

our expert installers

Will have your new system up and running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. From our domestic products which in most cases can be installed in under a day; to full scale commercial operations; our unique designs make Qld Water Solutions a market leader when it comes to time and labour saving installation. We also provide information and training for septic and wastewater specialists. Installers find our systems much quicker and easier to install and so reliable that return visits to the site to troubleshoot issues are extremely rare.

Extend the life of your wastewater treatment system with a regular inspection and maintenance program. An expert Qld Water Solutions technician can tailor a hassle-free plan for your system.

We’ll trouble-shoot even when it’s not our system…unfortunately for home owners and businesses they can be stuck with an outdated, poorly functioning septic tank or a wastewater system. We advise on the best short and long-term solutions for each individual or business.

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