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water purification system

solution for a thirsty planet

We can’t survive without drinking water. Access to clean water is fundamental to the survival of our species. At Qld Water Solutions we work with aid agencies, developing countries, mining operations, farms and cattle stations and remote communities without access to a potable water supply, to deliver clean and purified water.

A much healthier alternative to risking drinking or bathing in dirty water, and more cost-effective and sustainable than trucking in supplies.

Qld Water Solutions are proud to be fully Australian owned and operated. Our experience dealing with Australia’s desert climate make us the ideal partners for providing water treatment to developing and remote communities. A safe, reliable source of water for drinking and cooking helps reduce the risk of illness associated with waterborne diseases.


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pump & drink water filtration units

The Sotrad Pump & Drink Water Purification units filters dirty dam, river or creek water to produce clean and safe drinking water.

Clean and Safe Drinking Water to World Health Organisation Standards is indeed available to you whether you live on a farm, cattle station in a remote community or mining site and where there is no potable water or where the water is too dirty to even wash with, or where water has to be trucked in at excessive cost.

Our Sotrad Pump & Drink Water filtration units successively remove suspended particles, bad taste and odours, colour and all the microorganisms, viruses and bacteria to deliver clean, safe drinking water through a three-step water treatment and filtration process:

Prefiltration as its name suggests is used to filter out the largest particles and in order to protect the ultra-filtration membranes. Sotrad Water uses a number of different filters to achieve this depending on the size of the units.

The smaller units uses simple economical and efficient cartridge filters, sand filtration is used on the larger commercial units and Automatic filters are used on station units processing more than 220,000 litres of safe clean drinking water.

Ultrafiltration is achieved using a mechanical filtration system using microporous membranes that have been used for 20 years. These membranes will filter out anything greater than 0.01 microns in size hence filtering out pollen, algae, parasites, bacteria, viruses, amoebas, cholera etc to produce a perfectly clear, safe drinking water.

Activated charcoal is also used to filter and to remove bad taste and odours and to remove undesirable quantities of minerals as well as any pesticides, toxins that may be present in your water source.

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