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The BioBox is available as a 300 or as a 125 Population Equivalent modular skid mounted unit. The modular design of the BioBox makes it possible to hook up several units to achieve the right capacity for your particular situation. BioBox® provides a primary treatment solution for small communities and factories as a cost-effective extension to existing plants. The small footprint makes the BioBox® the ideal solution for hotels, campsites, leisure parks, resorts, mining and camp sites, or any other location with seasonal demand.

BioBox® is delivered to your site as a fully fitted plug and play station. Installation is achieved in one day, is quick and easy, requiring only a minimum of Civil Works and Preparation.

The BioBox® is a Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR). It ensures a consistent high quality treatment with no external intervention.


  • Units are available for Purchase or for Hire.
  • Packaged in 20 or 40 foot containers and can be easily delivered to site.
  • Installation is achieved in one day, is quick and easy, only requiring a minimum of Civil Works and Preparation
  • A single unit will treat the waste water for a 300 or for a 100 men camp
  • Modular design to accommodate large camp requirements (5x300PE =1500 men camp, etc)
  • Extra buffer tank capacity easily supplied in case of large hydraulic load requirements (+300L/PE)
  • Includes process and control monitoring equipment and Tertiary disinfection treatment (as an option), to produce Class A water quality or of an appropriate quality for the proposed  end-uses.
  • Siemens CPUs used for automation tasks with Mini SIM card for data reporting

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