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legionella prevention filters

legionella prevention filters

Queensland water solutions offers a full range of Legionella Prevention Filters designed either with an integrated shower head, or that can be fitted to a tap or inserted in-line. The Polymem™ SafeShower, SafeTap and SafeLine filters all integrate polysulfone microfiltration hollow fiber membranes. The microfiltration membrane is manufactured following the same patented technology used for municipal and industrial applications. These membranes are NSF61 and ACS  approved.

short tap filter

safe shower filter

The safeshower filter simply screws onto any standard shower hose. The SafeTap model is supplied complete with a standard size ring that screws in place of the tap aerator. The SafeLine microfilter screws on any standard line prior to the point of use. The bacteriological protection starts immediately after installation. The filters are validated for 93 days and will filter apprx. 10,000 litres.

features include

  • Pore diameter 0.10μ
  • Rejection > 99.99% for all bacteria
  • Max pressure 5 bar (70 psi)
  • Max temperature 70°C
  • Validation: Bacterial retention of 91 days as per ASTM F838-05
  • Service Life :10,000 litres minimum for standard Australian
  • Drinking water quality
  • ARTG, CE, ACS & NSF61 Certified
  • Polysulfone micro-porous hollow fibre membranes
  • Outside/In filtration

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