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a guide to septic tanks in queensland
& wider australia

your survival guide to septic tanks

And when to consider an alternative…

…so you’re stuck with a septic system in Queensland. Qld Water Solutions can help. As part of our service offer we provide technical advice to septic tank owners Queensland- and Australia-wide, as well as reliable septic system installation services. We understand not everyone can update immediately, and our septic tank installation and maintenance programs are designed to minimise health and environmental risks associated with out-dated septic tanks. But even a well maintained septic system is not the best long-term solution to waste management.

A failing septic tank is a health risk for your family and the community and may harm the environment. It’s also literally money being flushed down the toilet! Septic system installation in Queensland and wider Australia is now more often than not, refused by authorities; not only because the technology is obsolete but because these sewage treatment systems do not achieve modern day environmental standards. They pollute and in the longer term prove to be the more EXPENSIVE choice for off-mains sewage treatment, making septic tank installation a process to be thoroughly considered before committing to anything.

If you are building a new property or renovating an older one, a better choice is a sewage treatment plant which can discharge filtered, odourless, treated wastewater directly into a watercourse. A Qld Water Solutions waste management system is lower priced, smaller and cheaper to install than septic systems and does not harm the environment. As more and more councils now reject septic tanks and insist on sewage treatment plants across Australia, it is essential to check the one you intend to buy meets all necessary regulations.

All sewage treatment plants sold in Australia must be tested and approved to Australian Standards. The Oxyfix® Septic system waste water treatment system is built to the highest standards with unsurpassed biological power and resilience. It is the most reliable household sewage system available in Australia today.

Your new Oxyfix® C-90

  • won’t detract from your garden’s good looks
  • will reduce your maintenance & replacement costs
  • can be installed almost anywhere
  • delivers the highest standard of water quality
  • is environmentally friendly & manufactured with fully recyclable materials.

QWS Oxyfix® C-90 is both good looking and practical. It is cheaper to transport, install & run because less digging is necessary with its single rectangular tank than a single or two tank sewage treatment plant system – that means less excavator hiring time. Its simple design also means that unlike most of its competitors there’s no need for an electrician. In most cases your installer will have you up and running in half a day or less.

Note that the term ‘septic systems’ refers to all kinds of wastewater treatment systems including traditional septic tankswater treatment plants or sewage treatment plants, including traditional septic tanks, pump-outs and composting toilets.

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