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what is hiding in your water?

What Is Hiding In Your Water?

While Australia’s water is some father purest in the world, it isn’t exactly perfect.

There are lots of government regulations that help control the quality of the water and ensure that it is treated well. Still, many contaminants can make their way into our water, and if we are exposed to some of these for very long, we can experience some serious health issues.

Are You Aware of What Is Being Put in Your Water?
You might want to find out about what is in your tap water before you turn on the faucet and take a drink. Let’s examine the chemicals and additives that have been put into your water and discuss why you may want to have a water filter installed.

  • Chlorine is one of the most common water additives, and it is used to kill all sorts of bacteria. While it is very effective at killing many parasites, it can also harm your body. If you are exposed to chorine over long periods of time, then you could be at severe risk of bladder cancer, asthma, premature aging of the skin and disorders that affect your reproductive system.
  • Fluoride can be found in the water you drink, whether it is added or not, but Australian water treatment plans add extra fluoride to protect your teeth and bones from premature decay. There are many who oppose water fluoridation, however, such as the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), because of the negative effects it can have on your brain functions, your thyroid and your bones.
  • Lead and other heavy metals can get into the water supply and may not be properly removed by the water processing plants. These contaminants could come from your end, if you have an old home. Your pipes could be contaminating your water supply, and if you get too much lead or other heavy metals, you could experience brain damage, kidney problems, reproductive issues and more. A filter can easily remove the heavy metal contaminants from your water supply.
  • Bacteria are present in most people’s water supply, and many times they are completely harmless. Certain bacteria, however, can cause serve illness and may come from our own home’s pipes as well as from the waters supply plant.
  • Nitrate levels are especially high in locations that are close to septic systems, land films or manure storage. A little bit of nitrate won’t harm you, but if there is too much in your water, it can harm children that are not yet born. Pregnant women are advised to be careful about what kind of water they drink.

Water is imprint to your life, but it can be filled with many contaminants. Many times, there are tons of contaminants in the water we drink and we may not be able to control it. Our only course of action may be to use a water filtration system to ensure that what is in the water supply doesn’t make it into our cups.

We can help you find the right filtration system for you. QLD water Solutions specialises in selling variety of high quality water filtration systems for both commercial and domestic use.

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