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what you need to know about fluoride

What You Need To Know About Fluoride

Fluoride can be found naturally in water and in a variety of foods. Water supply plants will add fluoride to water they pump out to the public to promote dental health.

Those who are advocating fluoride in the water say that the mineral is essential for good dental health, but some studies have indicated some dangers to using fluoride in water. There may be some health risks to adding fluoride to drinking water, such as brain damage, IQ reduction and bone diseases. Many people, after reading about these findings, have installed water filtration systems into their homes and offices to protect themselves from fluoride.

This clash of ideas has confused many consumers. What is the truth about fluoride? At QLD Water Solutions, we want to help you be informed about your drinking water and the effects water fluoridation can have on you.

You might think of strong and healthy bones and teeth when you think about fluoride, but this mineral has more to it than just those benefits.

Why fluoridate the water?

Fluoride was first added to water in the 1940s to prevent caries. It stops bacteria from forming the mouth that can lead to dental cavities and a breakdown of the enamel.

Why does it stand out from other chemicals that are put it into the water?

Most chemicals added to the water supply are there to prevent bacteria from forming or thriving. Fluoride is there for another reason entirely, and it works more as a medication or something the water does not cause. It’s something extra, in other words, and many countries in Europe have begun to stop fluoridation because of various ethical concerns.

Where can we get fluoride from besides our water?

There are plenty of fluoride sources today. You can find it in your toothpaste, in mouth rinses and in many beverages and foods. Some people argue that fluoridating water is no longer essential since it is easy to find the mineral elsewhere. In fact, because it is so prevalent, many people are at risk for the side effects of excessive fluoride intake.

How does water fluoridation affect my health?

Excessive water fluoridation can cause fluorosis of the skeleton or teeth as well as damage to the thyroid, kidney problems, brain damage, arthritis and reproductive difficulties.

How can I decrease my exposure to fluoride?

You can minimise your fluoride exposure a few different ways. The best way is to install water filters, and reverse osmosis filters are the most effective at removing fluoride from the water.

It can be difficult to stop fluoridation right now, but you can use filtration products to ensure that you ingest a lot less of this mineral.

QLD Water Solutions offers a number of differ water filtration systems that can help you lower the fluoride levels in the water you drink. Contact us today to find out which filtration system is right for you.

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